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Annotated List of Environmental Education Sites
(see our education section)


  1. Groundwater Guardian An excellent web site that provides information on ground water basics, youth programs, and a Kid's Corner that includes activities for teachers.
  2. United States Geological Survey Lots of information on water and ground water, including classroom applications. Somewhat technical, but can be adapted to younger students.
  3. United States Environmental Protection Agency An excellent site from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Provides many excellent links. May have to go through multiple links to access information, but the links are easy to follow. Sub sites of note: the student page and the ground water primer
  4. United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 This site contains numerous activities and comprehensive lessons and has student and teacher sections.
  5. Peace Corps This site contains several comprehensive lesson plans by subject, grade, and title. Many of the lesson plans include cultural aspects of water issues and contain real-world applications (geared toward Africa). The main page contains student and educator pages.
  6. Unites States EPA's Drinking Water for Kids This site has numerous activities, games, and experiments for a variety of ages. Within many of the links are a number of additional links, so you need to be patient. But there is a ton of information here.

Other Sites

  1. Center for Global Environmental Education An excellent site, but you will have to go through several layers to get at some of the most useful information.
    The following website cuts through one of these layers.
  2. Project Wet This is normally an excellent site, particularly for students. Minnesota's Project WET coordinator is at MN DNR - Project WET
  3. Contains a large number of activities and lesson plans, but they are not specific to water.
  4. Water on the Web Contains numerous activities and lesson plans, most of which are for advanced students. A lesson list can be found at
  5. Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission Contains many water-related lesson plans.
  6. United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5 Contains many links and some activities; has student and teacher pages.

Education Sites of Professional Organizations

  1. American Ground Water Trust A site primarily for ground water professionals, but the Trust puts on workshops for educators.
  2. University of Minnesota Water Resources Center Primarily provides links to other sites and organizations.
  3. University of Wisconsin Environmental Resource Center Primarily contains links and lists youth activities.
  4. National Environmental Education and Training Foundation Describes objectives of environmental education. Not specific to water.
  5. Environmental Education Association of Illinois Contains some information on environmental education, including activities.
  6. National Ground Water Association Their education section provides links to many sites.
  7. American Institue of Professional Geolgoists (Minnesota Section) A professional dociety focusing on geology, this organization offers to have geologists attend classrooms and present information on geology
  8. Minnesota Science Teachers Association The Minnesota Science Teacher's Association stimulates, improves, and coordinates efforts of science teachers in the state of Minnesota

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