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MGWA Fall 2016 Conference

Thinking Big: Innovative Solutions for Groundwater Recharge and Reuse

November 16, 2016, 8am - 5pm


Speaker Abstracts

Poster Abstracts


Ole Olmanson, MGWA President

Ole Olmanson


John Dustman, Summit Envirosolutions, Inc
Tools and Technologies to Create Smart Wellfields and Facilitate Regional Aquifer Resource Management

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John Dustman


Ginny Yingling, Minnesota Department of Health

Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Minnesota: An Update on the Chemicals Formerly Known as PFCs

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Ginny Yingling

Dr. Greg Brick, Minnesota DNR

The Minnesota Spring Inventory

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Dr. Greg Brick


Dr. Crystal Ng, U of MN, Department of Earth Sciences

Learning about Secondary Water Quality Impacts from the Bemidji Oil Spill

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Presentation MP3

Dr. Crystal Ng

Scott Alexander, MGWA Foundation President

MGWA Foundation Remarks

Scott Alexander


Dr. John Bolten, NASA, Applied Sciences Program
Mapping the Blue Marble: NASA Research to Improve Monitoring and Forecasting of Water Resources

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Dr. John Bolten

Jeff Stoner and Kelton Barr, MGWA White Paper Committee

White Paper: Minnesota's Groundwater Education Gap

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Jeff Stoner


Kelton Barr


Jim Auen, Lewis & Clark Regional Water System
Lewis & Clark Regional Water System: History, Construction, Operations and Future

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Jim Auen


Perry Jones , US Geological Survey
Groundwater and Surface-water Exchanges at White Bear Lake and other North & East Metro Lakes

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Perry Jones