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White Papers

The Minnesota Ground Water Association (MGWA) is undertaking the preparation of white papers addressing a number of issues concerning ground water. The white papers are prepared by the ground water professionals of the MGWA and are available to anyone interested in neutral, science-based information on these topics.

What is a "White Paper"?

MGWA defines a white paper as an article that gives an unbiased evaluation and treatment of a topic for informational and educational purposes. Ideally, a paper will positively influence future quantity or quality of Minnesota’s groundwater resources, interrelated resources, and their users. Typically, a white paper presents the technical aspects for the evaluation in summary form, but includes references to sources of more detailed information.

New White Paper Topics

Completed White Papers

01 - Manganese in Minnesota's Groundwaters

White Papers in Preparation

The following topics are currently under preparation:

02 - Minnesota's Groundwater Education Gap

03 - Drain Tiles and Groundwater Resources



The Groundwater Education Gap workgroup would like you to complete a seurvey on the questions You receive from the public related to groundwater. Survey

Instructions for Workgroup Members

Questions, please contact Kelton Barr at